M: Money – it can’t buy you love

John Lennon was right – money can’t buy you love, what it can buy you is someone who’s looking for a Sugar Mummy (or Sugar Daddy, when the boot is on the other foot). But that’s not love – it’s a financial transaction.

When I was in my early twenties, a millionaire made such a financial proposition to me – I don’t call it is a proposal, for it was a financial transaction. I’d get to benefit from the trappings of his wealth, and he got a young woman with whom to have a second family (his adult children were older than I was). I declined politely. Friends later laughed at me, suggesting I could simply have shagged him to death 😉 All I can say to that is – I don’t know who became his second wife, but he lived to a ripe old age 😀 and I’ve never once regretted my decision, despite the financial hard times.

But putting that extreme aside, because most people aren’t going to find themselves in a Sugar Mummy or Daddy situation, let’s take a look at differing attitudes to money.

If you’re someone who prizes financial security, how comfortable would you be in a relationship with an entrepreneur who chooses to back his business ventures with the asset of the family home? If you’re someone who prizes a luxury lifestyle, how comfortable would you be in a relationship with someone who has no drive or ambition? If you’ve worked hard to climb out of debt, how comfortable would you be in a relationship with someone who regards debt as the natural state to be in, and just adds another one to the pile?

What other mismatches might there be? New cars vs private school fees. Nice holiday vs professional training. Deposit for the kids vs a second home abroad. Investing in the business vs doing up the house. Plentiful disposable fashion vs fewer investment pieces. Gas guzzler vs electric car. A big enough house vs a mega mansion. Saving up vs leasing. Financial planning vs spend till it runs out. Our money vs your money and my money. Joint bank account vs individual separate bank accounts. Booze with the boys vs coffee with the girls. Yet more of designer shoes vs mid-life crisis motorbike. Split it equally vs it’s mine, all mine.

And yet…. is this something couples talk about before they move into serious coupledom? Money, and different attitudes to it, can be a surprisingly emotional topic, and it’s also one people often find too embarrassing to raise. The only problem with that is that once you’ve a financial commitment together, or you’ve exchanged rings, it gets costly to find out you’ve got very different attitudes to money. Do it first. Trust one who learned that particular lesson from experience.

Do you talk about money? Or do you find it gauche or grabby? Would you talk about it before you took the step of financial or marital coupling up?

© 2022, Debs Carey

7 responses to “M: Money – it can’t buy you love”

  1. My husband and I had very similar attitudes to money when we met because neither of us had ever had heaps of it, and that was to be careful with it. We very comfortable these days, but we’re still careful. Someone who spends money like its going out of fashion would have been a deal breaker for me.
    Tasha’s Thinkings: YouTube – What They Don’t Tell You (and free fiction)

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    1. Hi Tasha, attitudes to money are so important. Ideally they’re shared, but if there is an openness to learning, they can be complementary.


  2. I think it is important for couples who are committing to a relationship like marriage that money is discussed. How it is going to be spent, who is going to make the decisions about what gets spent, etc, especially if both are working and contributing to the household with their income. Otherwise, I think that is just going to be a big problem in the marriage and always be a bone of contention among the couple. We talked about money management before we got married and continue to talk about it as it needs to be brought up and we have been married and committed to each other close to 42 years now.


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    1. Betty, yes exactly this. I was brought up with many unhealthy attitudes to money – one of them being that it wasn’t spoken of. (that it wasn’t talked about for starters). My other half is the complete opposite and I’ve learned much that it is from him.

      Many congratulations on your nearly 42 years together!


  3. Ronel Janse van Vuuren Avatar
    Ronel Janse van Vuuren

    Sounds like you could have been a black widow. LOL.

    Ronel visiting for the A-Z Challenge My Languishing TBR: M

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    1. Ha ha! Nice image Ronel 😀

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