There’s so much to the topic of dating – especially when you’ve passed that milestone 50th birthday and find yourself in the pit of invisibility – that I could talk for hours, days, weeks, years on the subject…. and no one truly wants that 😀

So, I distilled it down to the key points, and that became my 5 Secrets to Successful Dating. These are my gift to you, and you can download a free copy via the link below.

In essence my Secrets are:

Secret #1: Identify what you really, really want
Secret #2: Identify your patterns
Secret #3: Have strong boundaries
Secret #4: Having bomb-proof self-worth
Secret #5: Having a full & fabulous life
Bonus Secret: Support & self-care

The download is a workbook of questions to ask yourself, backed up with my explanation as to why these points are key, and it also contains suggestions on how to handle potentially difficult situations.

Request your download here!

You’ll be asked to input your email address and your name. In return, I’ll email you all 20ish pages of my 5 Secrets to Successful Dating (plus one bonus secret).

Don’t waste another moment of your valuable time – get on that road right now to that relationship filled with what really matters to you.

© 2022, Debs Carey

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