Are you in you in your fabulous fifties (or beyond) and have dived back into the dating pool looking for Mr. Right-For-You?

But feel like you’re spending too much time on Mr. Wrong?

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Short-term wins are lovely, but do you really want to spend time making the same mistakes all over again? Or find the right partner so that you can get on with your lives together?

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I loved your Masterclass for many reasons, one of which was that you gave practical tips to address & explain what so many of us do inadvertently, so we could go away with things to do!” 

Hi, I’m Debs 😊

When I ended up back in the dating pool in my fifties, I soon realized I was still attracting Mr. Wrong and making many of the same mistakes I made in my younger days.

Using my NLP, life coaching, counselling, and therapy training, I soon realized I was compromising based on my lack of self-confidence and past repeating dating patterns. 

Today, I’ve happily found my Mr. Right-For-Now and am putting both my professional training and personal practical experiences into helping other fabulous women in their 50’s not make the same dating mistakes all over again.

So that you can get on with enjoying life right now with Mr. Right-For-Now. 

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