About Me

I’m Debs Carey and I help women over 50 to see they don’t need to wait to be chosen, they get to choose.

An NLP Practitioner, with diplomas in Life Coaching, Attachment Theory, Gestault Therapy, Journal Therapy and Psychology (together with a handful in the mental health area), and a postgraduate certificate in Humanastic & Psychodynamic Counselling from London’s Goldsmith University, I’ve worked across various areas – career change, work-life balance, grief, relationship issues, lack of confidence, and handling the challenges of depression and anxiety.

One day I saw an online discussion about how beautiful women find themselves in relationships where they were treated badly. Now the simple reason for this is that they lack self-worth, not that they don’t believe they’re beautiful. Being beautiful, believing you’re beautiful, even knowing you’re beautiful, means absolutely nothing if you don’t believe you deserve to be loved. For I’ve seen gorgeous women in poor relationships and ordinary looking women in wonderful relationships. Good looks do not automatically equal good self-worth.

More than that, I believe that dating should be fun, and that we should be able to laugh at all the crazy stuff which can happen. I have funny stories about my dating experiences, and I know I’m not alone.

Personally – a proud grandmother & mother, a writer & blogger, and keen photographer. Working from home via telephone and video call, I can accommodate most time zones. You’ll find a calm & caring manner, in a confidential & non-judgemental space.

I’m ready to make a difference in your life – are you ready too?

A member of the Association for NLP, I practice in accordance with its ethics & professional standards. For more details, click here.

Fully insured.

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