Free Masterclass on Wednesday, 14th December at 12.30pm UK time.

Who is this Masterclass for?

❣️ YOU! If you’re new to dating and don’t know where to start
❣️ YOU! If who’ve been dating for a while but haven’t yet met Mr Right-for-You

To sign up to this FREE Masterclass, simply email the word “Masterclass” to

This Masterclass is specifically aimed at women in their fabulous fifties (and beyond) whose particular hurdle is that they’ve fallen in to the Well of Invisibility. Each age group who dates has their own hurdle to overcome, and when you’re over 50, it’s difficult to get your profile in front of men your own age, so you need to make sure it’s speaking their language when that opportunity arises. You want to write so that it beckons to the person who’s got the potential to be your Mr Right, and not those who are going to be yet another waste of your time.

After this Masterclass you will…

❣️ understand why your profile has been attracting Mr Wrong-for-You
❣️ know how to attract someone you choose, and not wait to be chosen
❣️ feel more in control of your dating journey

A significant part of my professional training was focused on language and it’s use. These skills are beloved of marketeers and salesmen. I’ll not be teaching you to use sleazy sales tactics, but how you can use your words to paint a picture of your desired future – one in which the right man can see himself.

It is something I’ve done for myself when I reached the end of my tether with disappointing relationships, with sleaze-balls and serial shaggers, with commitment phobes and all those guys who just “want to go with the flow”. I decided I wasn’t interested in lots of dates, but only dates with genuine potential. By making the changes I’ll teach you, my dating experience changed completely, and ultimately led to my meeting the man I’ve happily shared my life with for the past 10 years. Let me help you do likewise.

One last thing, something I’ll encourage you to give some thought to is that a really successful profile starts with knowing what you really, really want. We’re always encouraged to start with how they look – height, hair or eye colour and build, but it makes such a difference when you want to attract Mr Right-for-You to go beyond the surface.

When is it?

Wednesday, 14th December 2022 at 12.30pm. After you’ve signed up, I’ll confirm that you’re registered, and send you a link to join the Zoom call.

How long will it last?

The Masterclass itself is designed to last 45 minutes, but I’ll also be leaving time at the end for additional questions.

Will there be a replay if I can’t make this day or time?

Yes there will, so long as you sign up below. After the Masterclass has ended, I will send you a further email containing a link to watch the recording.

To sign up to this FREE Masterclass, simply email the word “Masterclass” to

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