You’re successful, single, fiercely independent, with a good job, lovely home, wonderful children and great friends – all you want is a relationship that matches, filled with what really matters to you.

But dating when you’re over 50 can make you forget just how much of a catch you are. I know that you deserve a relationship and a man who matches you and your wonderful life. For you are amazing, each and every one of you, in your own wonderful and unique way. My purpose is to re-connect you with your fabulous self, so you won’t settle again. Let me remind you of the words Whitney sang….

Learning to love yourself… is the greatest love of all

Imagine feeling like this instead….

  • You’re clear on exactly who and what you want in your life, so you’re not wasting time with anyone else.
  • You have the self-worth to say no to the wrong person AND to walk away without a backward glance.
  • You’re attracting more people because your laser-like focus means you don’t have that whiff of over-availability about you.
  • It’s easy saying no to the wrong person, because your life is so full, you’ve no time to waste on them.
  • You know, without a shadow of doubt, that you are The Prize, and that they have to earn you by being as fabulous as you are.

Have you reached the end of your tether with dating?

Are you on the verge of giving up finding a relationship to match your life?

Are you utterly jaded after a yet another relationship hasn’t worked out?

Are you fed up hearing “I don’t want anything serious” only after you’ve become emotionally involved?

Are you done with relationships where people need fixing or putting back on their feet?

If you do nothing to change, you’ll be caught in this same horrendous, never ending loop for the next 5, 10 or more years. Honestly, you’ve got better things to do with your life than to put up with that nonsense. Haven’t you?

“In a time of crisis, it was great to have someone so non-judgemental to speak to.”

client testimonial

For I’ve been where you are now – and trust me, I didn’t believe I was a great catch 🙂 – single again at 50, grey and overweight, knowing I wasn’t washed up, yet doubting my value to others. It was only when I took a brutally honest look at the role my self-doubt played and did the work to build back my self-worth, that things started to change. Today I’m 65, content, loved and in a supportive relationship for 10 years, with a business I ‘m passionate about.

I offer myself – first as a living, breathing example of the fact that good self-worth will allow you to prioritise yourself and your needs, so you’ll avoid the wrong relationships and free you up for the right one – and second, by using my professional training and experience to get you relationship ready. I learned how to be the difference I needed in my own life, and I’m ready to make a difference in your life – are you ready too?

“Thank you. Your empathy, analysis and perception really helped me.”

client testimonial

The work we’ll be doing relies on trust in the relationship between between coach and client, as you’ll be depending on me to support you and keep you safe while you face potentially difficult emotions. So we’ll take a little time to get to know one another first via a 30 minute no cost no obligation chat on Zoom. What happens after that will be entirely tailored to you, and will depend on where you are now and what would work best for you.

I offer individual coaching sessions of 60 or 90 minutes in length on Zoom.

60-minute coaching session90-minute coaching session

Drop me a note so we can book a 30-minute chat on Zoom.

A 12-week Making You Relationship Ready programme retailing at £996.

Pre-launch, I’m offering 3-4 people the opportunity to follow the programme

at the bargain price of £498 in return for feedback and a testimonial.
If you’re ready for a relationship as great as you are, drop me an email 🙂

A member of the Association for NLP, I practice in accordance with its ethics and professional standards.
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Fully insured.

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